Kori Gordon - Certified Life Coach

Finding myself struggling and wanting to improve certain aspects of my life, I decided to make some changes for myself. In the midst of turmoil, I decided to book an Access Consciousness Bars® treatment with Kori.  I really did not know what to expect but I knew that I trusted her completely and whatever help she could offer, I was going into it open-minded.

I relaxed completely throughout the treatment and left with a peaceful feeling. I couldn't exactly put my finger on it, but as days and weeks passed, I began noticing changes in my daily life, both work and personal. I handled difficult situations well, that normally would have me stressed. I had a much calmer approach to things and worries became much less.

Best of all, feeling positive, that was always a hard one for me, now somehow it's easier. Always a work in progress, but I have the jump start I have needed. I am feeling a much more peaceful existence, and am happy with my own existence.

Thank you Kori, for helping me Find myself 😊  Sam T.


I have had Reiki a couple of times and was very happy with the results.  It was amazing how my body reacted, all the areas that were giving me grief started to feel warm and as hands touched those areas things really started to happen; tingling, lots of heat, and even spasms! 

After my body was so relaxed and tension free.  Donna K.

I recently fell and hit my head resulting in a concussion and whiplash. I was suffering from severe headaches, exhaustion, anxiousness and my brain and thoughts felt scrambled.

After seeing Kori for access bars and reiki, it gave me such relief. I had such a calmness come over me, the pressure in my head was gone, headache was considerably less and some issues/thoughts that were holding me back in my life dissipated.

Kori is very professional, compassionate and accommodating.

Thank you Kori! Randy

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