Productivity & Time Management Program

Are you like the majority of people who work themselves extremely hard to make a success of their lives?  Are you working effectively?  Could you be more productive if you managed your time better?  The answer is simply… YES!

Life is not all about productivity and being effective.  There are many other important things like relationships, inner peace, life balance, fun, etc.  This program is not intended to promote that we work harder and achieve more and more.  It is about learning to be more effective with the time you have.

The purpose of this program is to help people be more productive and reduce stress through better time, action and priority management.  This program introduces key time management concepts including prioritizing and working on the important stuff before it becomes urgent.  Then we take a look at getting focused – planning your week according to your priorities and understanding how the words we choose can motivate or de-motivate us.  Finally, we raise awareness as to how we spend our time and get in our own way.

The tools you take away from this program are incredibly useful for those who are typically trying to manage multiple competing issues and demands on their time.  After completing this program, you will have a complete set of time management tools and techniques to practice and apply.

Are you ready to identify and prioritise what really matters in your life?  Sign up for the Productivity and Time Management Program and gather the tools and awareness to ensure your priorities are prioritised.

Kori Gordon - Certified Life Coach

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