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Some of the conditions that typically improve with BodyTalk are:


Kori Gordon - Certified Life Coach

BodyTalk is a consciousness based health system that promotes your body healing itself. Our body is designed to heal itself and when all the parts and systems in our body communicate with each other, healing happens naturally.

We all experience stress in our lives, be it in the mind, body, or spirit. Stress is the number one cause of disease in the world because it causes the natural communication lines in the body to break down.

When the body forgets how to communicate with itself or there are blockages preventing communication, injury and illness occur. BodyTalk identifies these breakdowns and uses a light tapping technique to restore communication, helping the body to heal itself.

“I experienced a very traumatic accident while out of country that required me to undergo spinal surgery before coming home to Canada.  I was experiencing both emotional and physical trauma.  Kori assisted me in her knowledge and abilities from many of her healing modalities. 

The healing work that we have worked on mostly is BodyTalk.  I had never had a session prior to working with Kori, and each time we met, we discussed how I was doing and found that this method was one of the best healing techniques for what I have been struggling with.  The whole concept was foreign to me when we began, but over time, I found it to be so fascinating. 

Each session we have, new concepts and connections in my body come up including pain or emotion, to thoughts and events and areas of the body.  All of these things linked together in a way that always miraculously made sense by the time our session had finished.  ON several occasions, specific memories would be linked that she would help me think back on and we would use these as tools to help her with the healing that my body was asking for. 

To this day, I am still amazed by how BodyTalk has helped me both emotionally and with my physical pain.  I continue to leave her office feeling relaxed and find myself having less troubles in falling asleep.  I would encourage anyone curious about this healing modality to try a session with Kori and experience this fascinating healing work that she has to offer.”  Tiffany